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“Essential reading: a passionate plea for peace, and a call for unity and bold action against imperialism.”


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During the years of the U.S. war against Vietnam, Dee Knight was an editor of Amex-Canada, the newsletter of American exiles and expatriates who went to Canada in resistance to that war. He lived in Toronto, Canada, from 1968 to 1974. Amex-Canada helped organize American war resisters and their allies, including antiwar veterans, to sustain the resistance. In 1973 Knight helped to launch the National Council for Universal Unconditional Amnesty, which waged a campaign to end government repression of war resisters and active-duty U.S. soldiers. In January 1977 the campaign scored a partial victory when President Jimmy Carter granted a limited amnesty. Efforts to end punishment for antiwar veterans, active duty soldiers, and militant anti-imperialist activists have continued since those years to the present day.

Previews of key chapters of A Realistic Path to Peace

New 2024 edition’s theme and new chapters:

Real Peace – Not Pax Americana
I – Palestine & The End of Apartheid and Colonialism

  • Restore Historic Palestine/End Zionist Apartheid
  • Blinken Blames Hamas for Broken Truce
  • What Does “Strategic Defeat” Look Like?

Shock and Awe: Then and Now

Compares U.S. wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya with the official hysterical and self-righteous condemnation of Russian actions.

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From genocide to global war...

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...and how we can stop it

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The Long Road Ahead:

The U.S. Is Snatching War from the Jaws of Peace.

Explains how the U.S. has prevented peace, accuses Russia of ‘war crimes’ while brushing its own real war crimes under a rug, and calls for reviving an antiwar movement on a new basis.

Does China’s Rise Really Threaten the U.S.? says “fake news” is brainwashing the U.S. public to accept a new Cold War with China – to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative and punish China for “human rights violations.” Details U.S. “pivot to Asia” with military buildup and new aggressive alliances. Cites polls that people don’t want war, more people see the U.S. as a threat to democracy than either China or Russia, and a Harvard study that 90%+ of the Chinese people like their government. Quotes Bernie Sanders on “relentless fearmongering about China.”

“Yankees Go Home!” Asians Say describes a recent surge of protests against U.S. military bases in Okinawa and South Korea. The article includes an explanation that “the U.S. state of permanent war in Asia and the Pacific today is… the inevitable product of a centuries-long project of U.S. hegemony in the Pacific.”


Joe Biden’s


U.S. threats against China over Taiwan, and U.S. justifications for war against Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, and Korea.


Also “what America will and will not do in Ukraine,” and analysis of the effect of sanctions on food deliveries to Africa. Presents Scott Ritter’s defense of Russia’s special military operation, with support from Ellen Taylor.


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“Essential reading,” “Must read,” “incisive chronicling,” and “excellent essay” are the key words from Radhika Desai, Carlos Martinez, Danny Haiphong, Michael Wong, Gerry Condon, and John Catalinotto.
See more of their comments here.

Gerry Condo

Gerry Condon

Gerry Condon, Vietnam era GI resister and former president of Veterans for Peace,

“Dee Knight’s incisive chronicling of Ukraine war developments and debates hones closely to one essential truth: the greatest threat to humankind today is the aggressive war-making of the United States.”

Danny Haiphong

Danny Haiphong

Author of American Exceptionalism and American Innocence:
A People’s History of Fake News

A must read for anyone wanting to understand how the U.S. is pursuing war with Russia and China, and why it must be stopped.

Mike Wong, Vets For Peace

Michael Wong

National Vice President of Veterans For Peace,
Co-founder of Pivot To Peace

“Dee Knight shows us we are now at a tipping point, when the old world of war and exploitation is ending, and a new world is coming into being. Read his book and see the pieces of the new world coming together, piece by struggling piece. “

John Catalinott

John Catalinotto

Editor, Workers World

“The corporate media in the U.S. and its NATO allies, and in Australia, South Korea and Japan, mobilized a propaganda campaign demonizing Putin and the Moscow government in Europe and slandering Beijing’s policies. Dee Knight’s book combats this propaganda offensive.”


Jeremy Kuzmarov

Managing editor, CovertAction Magazine

“Keen insights into reckless U.S. provocations towards Russia and China and morally bankrupt policy in the Middle East… Shows the urgent need to revitalize the U.S. peace movement today.”


Kent Lane for


“A REALISTIC PATH TO PEACE: From Genocide to Global War… and How We Can Stop It is a carefully considered, well-researched, and copiously sourced work. The book is a clarion call to those committed to finding a path to lasting peace.”


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